Yes, you should be of legal marriage (18 for female & 21 for Male) to register on We do not allow relationships like Bigamy, same gender marriage, informal relationship (friendship, casual dating, Live in relationship etc). 


  • Be as detailed as possible while creating profile to get better response.
  • Be sure to fill in the 'Partner Profile' and add recent photos to attract more matches.

This helps to show your right picture to your matches. The more detailed you are, the quicker your chances of finding a match.


  • Do not include your contact information in any field. 
  • Do not use it for purpose other than marriage.
  • Do not post offensive, objectionable or racist content on your profile. 

Note: Every profile registered on are screened before they are activated. Your profile could be deleted for any violation. Please refer our Terms of use / Service Agreement for more details.